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Volunteers make our events as amazing as they are. Those people that have volunteered at past events have said how much more they have enjoyed and appreciated the events. We have had a great response so far but can always do with some more volunteers to lighten the load.

Volunteering during set up week

Thank you to the many members who have already submitted their volunteer forms to help out during setup week, 8th to the 14th April.  For those of you who haven't submitted a form yet, and want to enter the site early, please fill one out online or use the form you were sent when you registered and send it to our Volunteers Coordinator immediately! 

Setup week rosters are filling fast, and because we are officially a construction site during setup week, we are unable to allow entry to members who are not rostered.

If you have submitted a form, but haven't received your volunteer roster yet, you'll be pleased to know they're just about complete and will be distributed during the coming week. When you do receive your roster, please email the Volunteer Coordinator of there is something you need adjusted or if your circumstances have changed. We appreciate any assistance you can give.

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