For those planning to establish stalls in 2013 to market their goods and services, the Maryborough Showgrounds site where the AGM Event will be conducted, offers a venue which is second to none. Because of its huge size and permanently established layout, the Showgrounds offers everything that a trader could wish for.  Please find all the information for traders below.

Trader Sites

Download your copy of the Site Traders Map (amended March 12th, 2013) - find out where the traders will be.

ID Trader_Name

E101 Oz Motor Bike Tours
E103 Girl Rider
E104 Ocean Therapies
E105 Val Finucane
E106 Wilkos ProShine
E108 Bike-Her
E113 Oz Scooters
E115 IB Bike Lifts
E116 Shark Leathers
E120 Out Of The Blue Tackle
E122 Bibble Bar
E12S Petes Shoppe
E133 Intaride
E143 Bikie Chic
El44 Longyard Nomads
E146 CC Leather Rider
E150 Maurice Blackburn Lawyers
E152 Custom Images
E153 Motorcycle Gear
E156 Tarpline
E158 Threedom Wheels
E164 Weyba Books
E171 Motorbadge Enterprises
E172 Thunder Sales
E175 NoWet Waterless Cleaning
E179 Warm & Safe Australia
E180 Christian Motorcycle Association
E182 Maryborough Camping World
E183 Classic Trailers
E184 Oz Trikes
E185 Detour Campers

ID Trader_Name

E186 Phoenix Custom Choppers
E187 Event Display Area
E188 Elite Trailers
E189 Rising Sun Honda
E190 Unison G.M.E. pty Ltd
E191 Fraser Coast Regional Council
E192 Shannons
E193 Honda MPE
E194 Tour Oz
E195 BMW Motorrad
E196A Victory Motorcycles
E196B CF Moto
E196C Yamaha Motor Australia
E197 Maryborough Motorcycles
E198 Supa IGA
E199 Fraser Coast Chronicle
E200 PSI Triumph
E201 BRP Can-Am
E202 Australian Trikes
E203 Kawasaki Australia EZ04 ....
E204 Husqvarna
E205 Suzuki Australia
F251 Bay Fusion - Food Design
F253 Mexican Tucka
F255 Rotary Clubs Bar
F256 Urangan Fisheries
F257 Orgazmic La'ngos
F258 Piping Hot Wood Fired Pizza
F259 Mamminos Ice Creams
F267 Espresso To Go
F268 Wendys On Wheels
F269 Scoops Delight
F270 Bakehouse 13
F271 Bazza 's Coffee
F272 The Potato Works
F273 Transformers - Bay Fusion
F274 Bazinga Healthy Catering

ID Trader_Name

F275 German Sausage Man
F276 Colombo Catering
F277 The Coffee Cup
F278 Floating Coffee Bar
P001 Central Deserts Branch
P003 Territory Discovery
P004 Australian Motorcyclist Magazine
P005 Ural Australia
P006 Albury Wodonga Branch
P008 Hervey Bay RSL
P009 Andy Strapz
P012 Draggin' Jeans
P014 NEDS Motorcycle Wear
P016 Timor Adventures
P017 Redd Dog
P018 EarMold Australia
P019 Simsound
P021 Ezy2Wheei
P023 Tyrepliers
P024 Step Forward Orthotics
P025 Moffatdale Ridge Wineries
P026 Universal Magazines
P027 SAMA Motorcycle Tours
P029 Innotesco / P030 Tens Relief
P031 Shannons Insurance
P032 Starider
P033 Moto Clutch Tours
P035 Ferris Wheels
P036 Alastair Paton
P038 Rocky Creek Designs
P039 Air Hawk Australia
P040 Screaming Banshee Australia
P041 Attune
P042 Attune
P043 Helinox
P044 Luft Racing Helmets
P045 Good Wool Store

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